Otros Eventos

Eventos Culturales organizados y coordinados por Adolfo Onetto

  • 1994-1998: Interprovincial choral exposition "Que canten los Nios", declared of cultural interest by the Secretara de Cultura de la Provincia, in its first year it counted with more than 300 children from different schools of Salta and Jujuy.
  • 1997: "Cantata Navidea Callejera", realized during December with the participation of six provincial Choruses.
  • 2002: "Ciclo de Conciertos de Navidad", choral performances in different churches
  • 2003: "Ciclo de Conciertos de Primavera", choral performances in different neighbourhoods of the city
  • 2000-2003: Ciclo de Conciertos Didcticos, performances of Chorus Esencia in different schools
  • 2003: "Ciclo Argentino de Conciertos", interprovincial event, declared of national interest by the Secretara de Cultura de la Nacin, this event was realized in places of Salta and Crdoba.
  • 2001-2004: "Salta Coral", Interprovincial Cycle of Concerts. Declared of cultural and touristic interest
  • 2003-2013: "Talleres de Capacitacin Nacional", declared of cultural interest by the government, it took place with the presence of international figures: Nstor Zadoff (director of Coro Nacional de Jvenes, Buenos Aires) and Clifford Wagner (director of Coro Polifnico de Ro Cuarto, Crdoba). Teachers and choristers of different Argentinean provinces and other countries participated.
  • 2004 y 2007: "Encuentro Provincial de Coros", with the sponsorship of the Municipalidad de Salta.
  • 2004: "Encuentro Internacional de Coros": realized during the month of September.
  • 2005-2014: Festival Coral Argentino", declared by cultural interest by the government: www.festivalcoral.com.ar
  • 2003-2014: "Programa de Difusin de Coros" adressed to Argentinean and foreing choruses, in which choral concerts from Salta and other places are organized . From the beggining choruses like "Agrupacin Coral Transax" from the firm Volkswagen of Crdoba, "Coro Municipal de Portea" (Crdoba), "Coro Comunal de Mara Juana" (Santa Fe), "Agrupacin Coral Rafaela Canta" (Santa Fe), Coro Murialdo (Mendoza), Coro de la Aldea (Crdoba).
  • 2006-2014: "Festival Coral de Adultos Mayores",December, from 1st to 3rd:
  • 2006: Presentation of the vocal group "Opus Cuatro" on the Mitre Theatre of Jujuy and Del Huerto Theatre of Salta (With the special participation of Esencia Chorus)
  • 2006: "Encuentro Coral de Primavera" related to the Ciclo Primavera de las Artes de la Fundacin Salta.
  • 2008-2014: Festival Coral de Nios y Jvenes (Choral Festival of Children and Young people): www.festivalcoraljuvenil.com

* Footnote: All the events were founded and coordinated by Adolfo Onetto, except for the Cantata Navidea Callejera and the Encuentro Coral de Primavera which not depend on the Centro Cultural Esencia and in which he participated as a coordinator.

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