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Información General

Choral Festival of Adults Majors 2016 (Salta, Argentina)

An organized event by the Esencia Cultural Centre (Centro Cultural Esencia) from Salta.


A space of choral communication of choirs of people majors is created to generate a place of encounter and mutual growth.


  • To contribute to the cultural development of our province
  • To facilitate a space of development of the choral music of our majors
  • To make possible an artistic growth of the choral groupings by means of the interchange of experiences


El “Festival Coral de Adultos Mayores”  editión 2016, will be carrying on October 28th and 29th.


You may have to ask for information about the event to the Coordinator of the event. You can do it by contact form (information in the contact’s link) giving the names of the Chorus, the director, and origin.


The registrations is open.

Places of Choral Concerts:

  • Casa de la Cultura.

Activities during the festival:

  • Comradeship dinner.
  • Directors Meeting.
Teléfono / Fax: +54 - 0387- 4223326, Teléfono / Móvil: (0387)-154538348 (desde Argentina); +54 - 9387-4538348 (desde el exterior)
E-mail: fcoralmayores@gmail.com