Photos of Salta


The province of Salta the Pretty one is located in the northwest of the Argentine Republic to 1600 km of the city of Buenos Aires, with an approximated population of 1.300.000 inhabitants. The city of Jumps is to 1187 meters on the level of the sea in the Valley of Lerma, on the foot of the Hill San Bernardo. Poem of landscapes, folclore, meals and their people


Caseros Street

Espa�a Street

Colonial House

Catedral Church

Ex Casa de Gobierno

Cerro San Bernardo

Club 20 de Febrero

Convent San Bernardo

Esquina Plaza 9 de Julio

Esquina Plaza 9 de Julio y peatonal Alberdi

Feria calle Balcarce

San Lorenzo Church

La Vi�a Church

La Vi�a Church

La Vi�a Church

La Vi�a Church

San Alfonso Church

San Fransico Church


Monumento a G�emes

Museum Alta Monta�a

Paseo G�emes Street

Peatonal Alberdi

Plaza 9 de Julio

Plaza de la Legislatura

Plazoleta 4 Siglos

San Lorenzo

Del Huerto Theater

Plaza de la Legislatura, vista a�rea


Anphitheater of Cafayate
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